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and a river and a lot of wooded hills, and way in the distance moonlight because it's beautiful and he isn't here to see it with me. `Not at all! I put it in his mind myself,' said I. � That, Daddy, is true fame. Then trotting back to the dressing tent � av在线看 一本道av不卡免费播放_在线看片av免费观看_日本毛片高清免费视频_一本道亚洲区免费观看 Because of my heart irregularity, I couldn't see combat, but I was still able to accept my ROTCcommission as a second lieutenant. By the time I went into the Army I had two things settled: I knew whoI wanted to marry, and I knew what I wanted to do for a livingretailing. About a year after I went intothe Army, Helen and I were married on Valentine's Day, 1943, in her hometown ofClaremore,Oklahoma. � "Walton," Blake would say to me when he came toDes Moines, "I'd fire you if you weren't such a goodsalesman. Maybe you're just not cut out for retail."Fortunately, I found a champion in my store manager, Duncan Majors, a great motivator, who wasproudest of having trained more Penney managers than anybody else in the country. He had his owntechniques and was a very successful manager. His secret was that he worked us from six-thirty in themorning until seven oreight o'clockat night. All of us wanted to become managers like him. On Sundays,when we weren't working, we would go out to his housethere were about eight of us, all menand wewould talk about retailing, of course, but we also played Ping-Pong or cards. It was a seven-day job. Iremember one Sunday Duncan Majors had just gotten his annual bonus check from Penney's and waswaving it around all over the place. It was for $65,000, which impressed the heck out of us boys. That thing took off like a house afire. The first year we made about $30,000 profits on sales of$250,000, which went up to $350,000 in no time. When I saw that shopping center catch on the way itdid I thought, "Man, this is the forerunner of many, many things to come." And I decidedwith no moneyto amount to anythingto go into the shopping center development business myself back in Arkansas. Iwent down to Little Rock just on fire with the idea of being the pioneer shopping center developer there. Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,